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It all started way back in August 1995, when a group of veterinary students led by Mohamad Hatta, a fourth year student tried to establish a bird watching club for interested students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of UPM. It then blossomed into a more generalized club to accommodate a wider range of veterinary fields in December 1996, thus Zoologico Club was born! The Zoologico Club is aimed to be an animal lovers' club, run totally by our very own veterinary students, and at the same time acting as the subsidiary-club of the faculty's main Veterinary Student's Association, VETERNAK. It is important for veterinary students to be equipped with knowledge on all walks of life, thus the Zoologico Club's objective is definitely to shed on more light for veterinary students about the basics of wildlife. It is to spread awareness and concern of animal welfare amongst veterinary students. Other than that, Zoologico Club will directly further generate interests in animal care management by exposing students to all concerning aspects of animal care, behavior, and also the diverse branches in the field of veterinary science. Last but not least, it is to uphold the stance to conserve and preserve genetic, species and the local ecosystem diversity. As the saying from Baba Dioum, the well-known environmentalist goes, "In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught." 

  • IVSA 

The IVSA, the International Veterinary Students Association, which was first established in 1951 in Denmark, in order to promote international exchange of veterinary skills education, knowledge and experiences, especially between veterinary students in different countries and regions. It has experienced growth of memberships of over 50 countries, and our faculty is a member of IVSA too, represented as a country chapter known as "IVSA Malaysia"! IVSA encourages, supports and funds individuals and groups for exchange programs. We had our first exchange in 2012 where our students had an exchange program with South Africa, and the experience was breath taking. In addition, IVSA helped to arrange a few individual exchanges where some French and South Korean veterinary students did their practical training here in Malaysia. Furthermore, IVSA arranges international congresses and symposiums by allowing students to exchange ideas and appreciate animal health problems in different environments and countries. They also support veterinary education, especially in disadvantaged countries. 


PRO-KASIH stands for "Projek Pengkasian Haiwan Terbiar" or "Stray Animal Neutering Project". PRO-KASIH is organized by the students of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM with the help of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, lecturers, staffs and UPM BHEP. The objectives of PRO-KASIH are: 
i. Public Awareness 
- To address the public of the problems of stray animals.
- To educate the public about sterilization program in controlling population.
- To provide "Soft-Skill" development opportunities to organizing students.
ii. Campus Neutering Campaign 
- To control stray animal population around UPM campus.
- To create better awareness among UPM students.
- To promote animal welfare given emphasis on stray animals issues.
- To complete and achieve the objectives of 
DOGATHONTM event which given emphasis in addressing animal welfare issues, responsible pet ownership and charitable social project.

  • VIP

Veterinary Islamic Putra Club, also known as ‘VIP’ is an organization created by veterinary student which aimed to live up spiritual element into each veterinary students of UPM. After Minggu Penghayatan Islam Veterinar (MPIV) programme last September 2012, all the AJK unite and agree too create a club under spiritual bureau of Veternak Club in order to continue the spiritual programme especially for Muslim and also for all FPV members. The aims of this club are: 
- To extend the knowledge of DVM student regarding the real meaning and responsibility of a Muslim in veterinary field.
- To make a paradigm shift for each student in order to be a better Muslim and apply the principles and good deeds as claimed by Islam.
- To plant students with better ethics and morality in the way to bring country's glory in future, in spite of have feeling of responsibility towards society.
- To plant in personality of Muslim in veterinary students with ability to stand and focus on the tasks given.
- To create spiritual environment in order to stimulate conducive development of student a the same time with respect to other belief.

DOGATHONTM kick started in 1997 as a platform in addressing the issue of "Stray Dogs Awareness". This was a really great way for the society to either directly or indirectly plays a part in addressing this issue. Hence, DOGATHONTM was initiated as a charity drive, organised by the third year veterinary students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM.
DOGATHONTM is held annually to raise funds in aid of "Stray Dogs Awareness" programs and assist the annual PRO-KASIH program. Even with its serious mission, it is still a fun-filled event, giving exposure to all types of dogs as well as dog owners to indulge in something out of the ordinary. The main highlight of the event is the Dog Race, where dogs and owners are required to run side by side for 2.6 KM in the early morning coolness under the shady trees of UPM. This event never fails to be favourite every year among the people attending DOGATHONTM. DOGATHONTM stands out among any other dog events. It is unlike any other dog show where dogs are caged-up for the purpose of exhibition. Instead, it is a day where pedigree and non-pedigree dogs are all welcomed to come out and have fun.


Majlis Silaturahim was initiated since 1986. It is not only an afternoon of students and staff taking a breather to enjoy the presentations organized by each DVM class but unknowingly it propagates teamwork, friendship, tolerance, integration and understanding within the family, all ingredients of the "modal insan" concept to be developed in all students as required by the government. In fact our own faculty had introduced this "Satu Malaysia" concept way back in 1986 when Majlis Silaturahim was born! The pains and pleasures of working together in unity and facing the realities of winning or losing cannot be taught in any course during normal formal classes. Similarly, organizing other events for example The Veterinary Annual Dinner, Dogathon, Ceriathon, Vetcamp, Vetsports etc also falls under the same category.

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